Screenshots galore

I could have saved myself some time if I’d realised Skell had made AF shoeless bathrobes before I went ahead and made mine! Hahah. There’s a shoeless TF replacement in the same colours as the adult files included in this .zip for you as well. c:

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to shift accounts or not, so this shoe-swap has been sitting around for a very long time. Custom colours include green and yellow tops. I hope you like them! c:
(I fixed a silly mistake with the non-defaults so that all five are actually using the new mesh. Please redownload from this new link and replace the old files to have all of them working!)

Scintillation by Xavier Chassaing
(It’s such a lovely video!)

I’ve been playing a CC-free game recently, and have had an interesting time using Maxis content that I’ve never particularly paid attention to. I’m also having fun adopting the townies that are sometimes brought home so that they can live their own lives- it feels a lot less empty compared to my past games, which is a nice change!

Chapter 1 odds and ends because my screenshot folder is fit to burst!

Downtown becomes a little tedious to navigate after not playing for a while, which means I wander around taking too many screenshots! Hahah.

"Hello? Hello? I’m different.”
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